New Mail & Print Center Opens on Campus

Print CenterThe growth of Trinity’s campus in terms of buildings over the last several years has provided students, faculty, and staff with facilities such as the Bootsma Bookstore Café and the Art and Communication Center. Renovation of former buildings, such was the case with the BBC, demonstrates stewardship and saves thousands of dollars in new building costs and construction time.

With the move of the art and design department to the new ARCC in 2008, the former “art barn,” located on the east side of the Tibstra parking lot, was left empty. Proposed plans for the space were considered by the Committee on Planning and Resources, which decided to renovate the space to house a campus mail and print center.

The College entered into an agreement with Martin Whalen, Inc., which specializes in print and copy solutions. As part of the agreement for devices and services, the company returned sponsorship dollars that have been used to fund the renovation of the building.

“This agreement provides a more ‘green’ approach to printing around campus that reflects good stewardship, including providing fast and efficient scanning for the projection and use of electronic documents,” said President Steve Timmermans.

Don @ the Print CenterThe College has also leased copiers and printers from Martin Whalen for various locations around campus. Bulk print jobs will be done through the Mail & Print Center. Students will continue to use the current print and copy resources available in the library and computer labs. The College has hired Don Coutts as the coordinator of the print center.

According to Dr. George Vander Velde ’63, vice president for campus development, the move toward centralized printing and away from department printers and outside vendors will save energy and cost.

Also moving into the new space will be the mailroom, which is currently located in the Molenhouse Student Center. Student mailboxes, however, will remain in Molenhouse.