First Annual Courier Awards Night: Photogallery

View PhotogalleryPresident Steve Timmermans and the Communication Arts departments joined The Courier staff and friends for a formal night of fellowship and recognition at the first annual Courier Awards Night.

The event, held in the Grand Lobby, opened with a dinner and dessert for all guests, and concluded with a presentation of awards for exceptional work in the student newspaper. Categories for awards included best news piece, best perspectives piece, best sports piece, best review, best consistent column, best feature story, and best picture.

Editor in Chief Ashley Veurink ’12 of Corsica, South Dakota, and Assistant Editor Lauren Haney ’11 of Monroeville, New Jersey, organized the event, with the help of communication arts professors Dr. Craig Mattson and Dr. Annalee Ward, who served as judges, and Courier advisor Sarah Zylstra, who presented.

“My personal goal with this event is that it lays the groundwork for future awards nights,” said Veurink. “I see great importance in publicly thanking and rewarding all those involved with The Courier because the student newspaper is such a public thing. The guests had a great time, and I greatly appreciate the Trinity services we were able to utilize in making the event happen.”

Recipients of the 2010 Courier Awards:

Best News Piece:
1st place – “Mail & Print Center” by Anna Gesch
2nd place – “Remember to Always Get a New Plate” by Ashley Veurink
3rd place – “Molenhouse Student Center” by Shannon Smith

Best Perspectives Piece:
1st place – “I’d Boycott if I Was Allowed” by Rebecca Vander Wilt
2nd place – “Hope Is Rekindled: Resurrecting Trinity’s Spiritual Flame” by Drew Van’t Land
3rd place – “What Is Your Superpower?” by Sasha Blasen

Best Sports Piece:
1st place – “A New Addition: Amy VanHal” by Nicole Hill
2nd place – “History in the Making: Austin Warner” by Lauren Nelson
3rd place – “Trolls Soccer Comes to an End” by Jenny DeRuiter

Best Review:
1st place – “The Wild Things of Humanity” by Sophia Briseno
2nd place – “Owl City: Who’s the Man?” by Brandie Nicole Richardson
3rd place – “Forgotten God” by Mike Merlino

Best Consistent Column:
1st place – “Word on the Street” and music reviews by Brandie Nicole Richardson
2nd place – “Tony’s 10” by Tony Perri
3rd place – “How To…” by Manny Vega

Best Picture:
1st place – “Jamie King’s perfect free throw” by Dan Jongetjes
2nd place – “Human ice skating train” by Kailyn Baum
3rd place – “Joseph Lerner” by Nicole Hill

Best Feature Story:
1st place – “The Evolution of South Hall” by Lauren Haney
2nd place – “Fashion Favorites for Formal” by Kailyn Baum
3rd place – “Fashion Forward 2010” by Lauren Nelson