How Trinity’s Off-Campus Programs Help Students Succeed

-Hope Heeg ’22

Trinity is preparing students on campus and beyond Palos Heights, IL, through an off-campus program called Semester in Spain (SIS). Leslie Osorio, who studied in Spain during her 2023 spring semester, is just one of the many students on this path. During her junior year at Trinity, Osorio decided she wanted to study off-campus in Spain. During her time studying, she knew this was something she wanted to pursue. She started as a nursing major but was elated to learn about the exciting opportunity to study off-campus with the changing of her major. Osorio noted that she “was thrilled and couldn’t wait for this unique experience. I was excited to get to know another part of the world…and to expand my understanding and appreciation of the people, culture, language, and history”. Osorio states that Trinity had been a crucial part of her preparation to study off-campus and overseas. She said, “Their mentorship and the robust programs at Trinity were instrumental in realizing my study abroad ambitions”. Because of this encouragement and support, she was able to spend a semester in Spain.

Studying off-campus broadens students’ cultural horizons, fostering adaptability and global awareness, which are essential in today’s interconnected world. Additionally, it provides unique opportunities for personal growth, pushing individuals beyond their comfort zones and enhancing their independence. The SIS staff are a crucial part of aiding this experience. The SIS team has created a smooth application process and an accessible experience for Trinity students.

Leslie Routman, the Director of TCC Sevilla, noted, “SIS holds multiple information sessions on campus throughout the school year to be sure students are aware of the great opportunity that is open to them as Trinity students to study in Sevilla. The US-based team is available to answer any questions about the application process, helps with the visa application, meets with students to advise them, and is in constant communication before departure”. At Trinity, studying off-campus is highly recommended, and because of this, the application process is broken down to accommodate students and to make the process less rigorous. Routman spoke on how “transfer of credits, course selection, and even familiarity with classroom platforms is simplified by the shared experience.”

Trinity’s mission states, “We strive to offer the highest quality of instruction to prepare students for excellence in further study and careers beyond Trinity…” Just as Trinity wants their students to succeed, the SIS faculty hopes for the same through The Semester in Spain program. Many students, like Leslie Osorio, give us insight into how a semester in Spain can truly impact students and help further the intellectual and spiritual growth of students at Trinity Christian College.

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