VanSchepen Serves in a Country of Contrasts: Photogallery

View photogalleryOver the past few years, Jim VanSchepen ex ’73, director of security at Trinity, and his wife Debbie have traveled to various countries on mission trips. Three of the most recent have been arranged through Partners in Christ International (PICI).

The VanSchepens’ trip this past January through PICI took them to the southern part of India. There they helped provide basic medical services through the local Christian churches. Having access to services through the nearby churches allows members of the community to not only receive necessities like eyewear and medication, but also introduces them to the pastors.

While Jim fitted hundreds of people for reading glasses during the week, Debbie dispensed basic cough and intestinal medications. Debbie serves as director of the Flossmoor Family Care Center at Ingalls Memorial Hospital and has a background as a pharmacy technician.

The group of volunteers served more than 700 people during five clinics held in various locations.

Jim said he is thankful for the week of service time Trinity allows employees to take each year.

PICI is an international, non-denominational Christian mission organization. VanSchepen’s former classmate Nick Beezhold ex ’74 serves as executive director at PICI. Beezhold is the husband of Board of Trustees member Bonnie Beezhold ex ’77. For more information on Partners in Christ International, visit