Athletics Department 2018 Fall Honor Roll

Jan 02, 2019

The Athletics Department Honor Roll reflects the department’s commitment to excellence in the classroom as well as on the playing field.  For the 2018 fall semester a total of 113 student-athletes were named to that honor roll. This academic acknowledgement is given to athletes who earned a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 for the semester, with High Honors going to those with at least a 3.75 GPA.  A total of 16 student-athletes achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA for the semester.

“Our student-athletes continue to perform at high levels in the classroom,” said athletics director Mark Hanna. “This semester’s honor roll includes 46 percent of our athletes and each of our sports teams is represented. These student-athletes are to be commended for their outstanding work.”

In addition to those on the honor roll, an additional 46 athletes achieved at least a 3.0 GPA for the fall semester.  Overall, nearly 65 percent of all the student-athletes are at or above that 3.0 mark.  The overall combined fall semester grade point average for Trinity’s 245 athletes is 3.218.

Honor Roll for 2018 Fall Semester (min. 3.50 GPA)

Julia Belcher, Freshman–Women’s Volleyball

Nicole Belcher, Freshman–Women’s Volleyball

Jessica Bianchi, Senior–Women’s Soccer

Ben Boers, Sophomore–Men’s Soccer

Jim Bruinius, Sophompre–Men’s Track and Field

Jamie Budreau, Senior–Softball

Taylor Busker, Sophomore–Women’s Soccer

Jessica Eckberg, Freshman–Women’s Volleyball

Joey Davidson, Sophomore–Men’s Golf

Hope Fathman, Senior–Women’s Cross Country/Track

Brianna Figueroa, Sophomore–Women’s Volleyball

Alysia Folkersma, Senior–Women’s Volleyball

Moira Garvey, Sophomore–Women’s Basketball

Noah Groen, Freshman–Baseball

Brenna Groenewold, Freshman–Women’s Basketball

Val Guzman, Sophomore–Women’s Basketball

Nick Heidinger, Senior–Men’s Cross Country/Track and Field

Andrew Heun, Sophomore–Men’s Soccer

Brittany Hoekman, Senior–Women’s Cross Country/Track

Selah Hopkins, Freshman–Women’s Soccer

Vanessa Huizenga, Sophomore–Women’s Soccer

Kris Kirchhoff, Senior–Men’s Soccer

Danny Lawrence, Junior–Men’s Volleyball

Ryan Mathes, Freshman–Men’s Cross Country/Track and Field

Sean McLaughlin, Junior–Men’s Soccer

Mathis Muller, Sophomore–Men’s Soccer

Abbigal Nienhuis, Junior–Women’s Basketball

Jake Ostema, Freshman–Men’s Volleyball

Makayla Otto, Sophomore–Softball

Catherine Price, Junior–Softball

Rachel Rasmussen, Sophomore–Women’s Soccer/Basketball

Brandon Riemersma, Junior–Baseball

Frank Romano, Junior–Baseball

Lydia Smallwood, Freshman–Women’s Soccer

Nicole Syverson, Senior–Women’s Cross Country/Track

Lexxy Trujillo, Junior–Women’s Soccer

Brianna Uhl, Freshman–Women’s Soccer

Cassidy VandeKamp, Sophomore–Women’s Soccer

Bryan Vanderlee, Senior–Baseball

John VanderWall, Sophomore–Baseball

Brantley VanOverloop, Junior–Men’s Cross Country/Track and Field

High Honor Roll for 2018 Fall Semester (min. 3.75 GPA)

Ben Andringa, Senior–Men’s Basketball

Ryan Bakke, Junior–Men’s Volleyball

Ross Barz, Sophomore–Track and Field

Allie Boss*, Freshman–Women’s Cross Country/Track

Jessica Boyd, Senior–Softball

Matthew Butnariu, Junior–Men’s Volleyball

Elly Brummel, Senior–Women’s Soccer

Dylan Busscher*, Junior–Men’s Soccer

Brevin DeBoer, Sophomore–Men’s Soccer

Kate DeKryger, Freshman–Women’s Cross Country/Track

Katlyn Demas, Freshman–Softball

Sarah DeVries, Sophomore–Women’s Track and Field

Caleb DeWeerd, Sophomore–Men’s Cross Country/Track and Field

Megan DeWeerd, Senior–Women’s Cross Country/Track

Andrew Dobrescu, Freshman–Men’s Cross Country/Track and Field

Juliana Dykstra, Junior–Women’s Volleyball

Alicia Enz, Junior–Women’s Soccer

Indira Escalante*, Junior–Women’s Golf

Alissa Gardenal*, Freshman–Softball

Ava Gomez, Sophomore–Women’s Soccer

Sarah Hernandez, Freshman–Women’s Volleyball

Sam Herzog, Junior–Baseball

Olivia Hoekstra, Sophomore–Women’s Track and Field

Valerie Hoekstra, Freshman–Women’s Track and Field

Zach Huisman, Sophomore–Baseball

Luke Jager, Freshman–Men’s Soccer

Nate Kamp, Sophomore–Men’s Golf

Sarah Kiwan, Freshman–Women’s Volleyball

Miranda Kortenhoeven, Freshman–Women’s Soccer

Allyson Kranstz, Sophomore–Women’s Soccer

Anna Maatman, Sophomore–Women’s Volleyball

Tyler Massa, Senior–Men’s Soccer

Steven Massey*, Senior–Men’s Golf

Mike McIntyre, Freshman–Men’s Soccer/Baseball

Dara Megyesi, Senior–Softball

Alyssa Mulligan, Sophomore–Women’s Basketball

Alex Nisle, Senior–Baseball

Josh Olson, Junior–Men’s Basketball

Amanda Ophoff, Freshman–Women’s Basketball

Jessica Owen, Senior–Women’s Soccer

Shaelyn Postmus, Junior–Women’s Soccer

Audrey Ricker, Sophomore–Softball

Paige Rogers*,Sophomore–Women’s Soccer

Tate Rozeveld, Sophomore–Men’s Soccer

Mark Schaaf*, Freshman–Men’s Golf

Bob Schaaf*, Junior–Men’s Golf

Sara Shea, Freshman–Women’s Soccer

Jared Smaga, Sophomore–Baseball

Gabriel Soler, Junior–Men’s Soccer

Colin Stravers*, Sophomore–Men’s Track and Field

Francesca Strolia*, Senior–Women’s Cross Country

Alexis Suwyn, Sophomore–Women’s Soccer

Leah Sweetman*, Sophomore–Softball

Breanna Toppen, Junior–Women’s Basketball

Lindsey Vanderlaan, Sophomore–Women’s Soccer

Bethany VanderPloeg, Sophomore–Women’s Track and Field

Mikayla VanLaan*, Junior–Women’s Cross Country/Track

Dani Van Laten*, Junior–Women’s Volleyball

Case VanWingerden, Junior–Men’s Soccer

Daisy Vazquez, Senior–Women’s Track and Field

Christa Veenstra, Senior–Women’s Volleyball

Dan Vos, Sophomore–Men’s Golf/Baseball

Jim Vos*, Senior–Men’s Golf

Pete Vos, Sophomore–Men’s Golf

Carissa Wisse, Sophomore–Women’s Track and Field

Noah Wolters*, Senior–Men’s Cross Country

Taylor Yanke, Senior–Women’s Track and Field

Josh York, Junior–Baseball

Sara York*, Freshman–Women’s Volleyball

Lexi Zambrano, Senior–Women’s Soccer

Danielle Zander, Sophomore–Women’s Volleyball

Madysen Zula, Sophomore–Women’s Volleyball

*indicates a 4.0 GPA