Balancing Academics, Experience, and Faith in the Business Program

 -Mary (Honey) Mathieu ’27

Trinity offers a variety of academic programs for students, ranging from psychology to business and beyond. Two business students, Justin Egan and Daniela Meza, offer unique insights into how the business program at Trinity sets them up to thrive in their academic journeys and future careers. Egan states “Business students are given a lot of resources to help them succeed while building business-related skills. One such resource is Capsim, a website used in classrooms that acts as a business simulator, allowing students to learn through competitive business challenges in a supportive environment. Additional helpful resources include business major meetings and career fairs, which help with future career networking opportunities.” Meza further notes, “Trinity does an excellent job of providing real-life scenarios inside and outside the classroom. Through her internship with the College’s Co-Op Program, she gained experience in customer service, project management, and market research, which she notes are all valuable skills for business professionals.” In addition, the College provides a well-rounded education to students and offers additional opportunities outside of the classroom that help shape students’ potential in future leadership and vocational roles.

When asked what is unique about the College’s business program, Egan said, “Students can participate in classes more often due to smaller class sizes and have the opportunity to build a closer relationship with their professors who come to know their students by name.” Meza agrees with Egan but adds “The business program offers a unique balance of academic rigor, faith integration, hands-on learning, and leadership development.” At Trinity, students are not only shaped academically but also personally. The whole person is developed through the many campus spiritual and extracurricular activities that help students thrive.

When asked for advice they would give to incoming or current students considering pursuing business as their major, Egan emphasizes the importance of “Building relationships with other students, professors, and staff as creating a positive image of yourself now as a student will only help your future networking opportunities as a working professional.” Meza wants students to know that “Majoring in business is truly what you make of it, so it is important to explore different areas of the field to see what aligns with what you like and your strengths.” College is all about self-discovery, and Trinity guides students to discover the best version of themselves through the many opportunities that the College provides business majors and all students.

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