Bretzlaff-Holstein Discusses Humane Education on Podcast

May 06, 2020

In a recent podcast for the Humane Education Coalition, Associate Professor of Social Work and Department Chair Cini Bretzlaff-Holstein, DSW, discussed the interconnectedness of social justice, human rights issues, the natural living world, and animal rights, among other topics. “To truly create change, we need to recognize these interconnections and work to address them systemically,” she told podcast host Megan Moon, President and Founder of HEC.

Bretzlaff-Holstein, who serves as an advisor to HEC, also discussed the intersection of social work and humane education, offered helpful information for people interested in learning more about aligning the different disciplines, and talked about her current research. You can listen to the entire podcast, which is part of the HEC’s series called “Connected Roots: Educational Insights for a Better World,” here.

The mission of HEC is to advance the field of humane education through collaboration, education, empowerment, and inspiration. To learn more, visit their website at