Dr. Powell Receives Emeritus Status at December Commencement

Jan 07, 2019

Trinity  bids farewell to Dr. Patti Powell , Professor of Special Education and Director of the LBS I Graduate Program in Special Education, who retired in December and received emeritus status.

“Before coming to Trinity, I spent 15 years teaching at Elim Christian School, and before that I taught at the Arizona State School for the Deaf and the Blind in Tucson. When Trinity first decided to offer a special education degree, they asked me to teach the sign language course as an adjunct. Every semester, I would add another course until I was a full-time professor! That was 20 years ago.

“Then, six years ago, Trinity began offering graduate degrees in LBS I and then LBS II, which I wrote the programs for and got them approved by the State of Illinois. So I’ve had the opportunity to teach different types of students and different ages. Among the lessons I wanted my students to take away from their special education classes was the idea that everyone has something to offer. When we work with students with disabilities, our job is to help those students find their abilities. That was the thesis for my Ph.D., which I completed when I was 50. One of my most memorable experiences was serving as a Fulbright Scholar and teaching for a semester in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“Now that I’m retiring, I plan to stay involved with several professional organizations, including the Division of International Special Education and Services–that hits my sweet spot of traveling internationally and special education work. I’ll also be spending time with my family and hoping to stay involved here at Trinity.”

Congratulations, and enjoy your retirement, Dr. Powell!