Hendrickson Named Professor of the Year

Dr. Timothy Hendrickson, Associate Professor of English, Department Chair, and Coordinator of Adjunct Care, was recently named Professor of the Year for 2024-25. Hendrickson earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy from Trinity in 1996. He stated, “I completed my undergraduate work here, met my future wife here, and never went back to live in suburban New York City after graduating. Trinity has defined much of my adult life, and teaching here is an extension of the relationship that began in the 1990s. More than almost any other place, Trinity feels like home.”

After graduating, he began to pursue teaching and looked to elementary education as the first step on his career path. After review and reflection, he felt called to higher education and began to focus on English. After earning a Master of Arts and Ph.D. in British and American Literature, he took a chance and reached out to a former professor at Trinity about a teaching position while he finished graduate school. He began teaching at Trinity in 2011 as an adjunct professor and in the adult studies program. In 2018, he was hired as a Visiting Assistant Professor, and in 2019, he began his first year on the tenure track.

Hendrickson helps his students see literary connections and appreciate how they correlate with all of humanity. “All my classes are taught in the same way; I make sure to provide a welcoming and engaging classroom because when you are engaged, you learn better, and for me, I teach better – which then extends to the life of the student. “

Connection, understanding, and genuine caring were the themes throughout the various nominations from colleagues, students, and staff. One nomination said, “Dr. Hendrickson’s presence on campus has been foundational for my time here at Trinity. I came to Trinity unsure of my place as one of the newest Founders Scholars. Dr. Hendrickson was one of the first people to recognize and congratulate me.”

Another went on to say, “[His] identity as a professor is so deeply bound up in his teaching that the majority of his scholarship emanates out of it…his research thinks deeply about the classroom and the human beings who participate in it: from students and their learning to faculty and their flourishing. It is no wonder why students love him so much.”

Dr. Jerome Douglas, Vice President of Academic Affairs, added, “Dr. Hendrickson is a tremendous asset to the Trinity community and so worthy of this Professor of the Year recognition! His students speak of the engaging learning they experience in his classes and how he intentionally and continually encourages their growth and development. Dr. Hendrickson’s research examines the classroom and the flourishing of students within the learning environment, as well as the care and support of adjunct faculty.  Students, faculty, and staff deeply appreciated his great work marked by his signature humor, wit, and kindness.”

When asked about favorite memories from his time teaching at Trinity, he cited several examples of student interaction and work but, after more thought, said, “In 2022, student Ally Eggert wrote a play titled Low Tide, which was the main stage play at Trinity that spring. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced it is my favorite Trinity moment. Seeing an academic advisee put so much into a work like this, seeing her vision on stage in completed form, and having her trust me to play a small part in providing feedback during the process was really special.”

He enjoys the interconnectedness of the educational experience at Trinity, stating, “Seeing the relationships made here is not something you see everywhere, and that really is important to me, and I am grateful to be here.”

Hendrickson will be honored at this year’s commencement ceremony, which will be held on Friday, May 3rd, at Ozinga Field in Crestwood, Illinois.