Preparing the Next Generation of Educators

-Mary (Honey) Mathieu ’27

Trinity is preparing future educators through its outstanding education programs. Zain Fakhoury, who is pursuing a degree in elementary education, is just one of the many students on this path. Zain states that her favorite part is the fieldwork, which allows her to “see all of the hard work she has dedicated to her studies come to fruition.” The faculty and staff in the education department go above and beyond in preparing students for their careers and beyond. Because of this real-world preparation, Zain feels confident teaching in a classroom and making a difference in the lives of her students. Fakhoury believes the College’s education program is unique from other colleges and universities because “professors care about each student’s success by offering support through office hours, recommendation letters, and research projects.” Every student being cared for as an individual ensures his or her ability to thrive throughout college and beyond as the relationships built with professors and colleagues create meaningful connections that improve one’s sense of belonging and purpose.

Being a part of the Trinity community is to be actively engaged in the classroom and other extracurricular and professional commitments. Zain holds a leadership role on campus as the International/TCK Club President. She is also involved in spiritual life at Trinity and works two jobs as a campus student worker. Fakhoury tries to maintain a healthy balance between school, work, and extracurriculars by planning and setting boundaries. Being able to not over-commit oneself is an essential aspect of thriving at the College since time management allows students the freedom to fit what they truly enjoy into their schedules while also recognizing the need for self-care. Trinity teaches students how to develop academically and personally through courses and campus activities. The whole person is prioritized, which is what makes the College stand out in its ability to help students thrive.

Just as professors at Trinity want to see their students succeed, Zain hopes that all of her future students succeed in all areas of their lives. She believes that “all children are capable of learning and of being kind; we just need to give them the opportunity and safe place for it.” Fakhoury recognizes that all her students can thrive by being a future support for her students. Having someone believe in you makes all the difference, and Zain was fortunate to have teachers here at Trinity who believed in her.

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