The Impact of The Serve Team Goes Beyond Campus

-Izzy Neibert ’23

Trinity offers many leadership opportunities for students. Whether working on the Student Activities Board or being a Residents Assistant, they allow all students to grow and thrive. One team creates opportunities for student growth, helping people outside of the campus in the process. The Serve Team at Trinity Christian College is a powerful group dedicated to Christ-centered service. This team organizes various service opportunities for all students, benefiting those both on and off campus.

Bethany Moultrie (‘25) recently joined the Serve team, beginning work in early August. After briefly going on a service trip to Kentucky in October, Bethany realized God gave her the heart and the passion for service. She then decided to switch her major, changing from History to Social Work. Working on the Serve team helped her find her calling. Bethany is excited to pursue Social Work, confident that she made the right decision. The Serve team and the opportunities they plan can help all those involved.

The Serve team provides many service opportunities to students. Affiliate Professor Nicole Saint-Victor, the supervisor for both the Multicultural and Service Student Leadership teams, explained some of the opportunities the Serve team worked on earlier this year. Alongside the Student Activities Committee, the Serve team went out to Feed My Starving Children, a local charity dedicated to ending child hunger.

In addition, the Serve Team has partnered with Made in The Image Ministry, a non-profit organization based in Chicago. This ministry group creates “on-ramps of dignity” for the unhoused throughout Chicago. The Serve Team plans to continue working with these organizations.

This team does not exclude their trips to the Chicagoland area. In what has turned into an annual journey, the Serve Team travels with students to Mayfield, Kentucky. Alongside Acts Ministry (located in Paducah, Kentucky), the students provide continued disaster relief for the people of Mayfield, for large natural disasters have completely ravished the area. This is their sixth time traveling to this site. Bethany explains this: “More than Just a Trip (the events tagline),… going to Kentucky can help improve you personally and the Trinity Community as a whole.”

A more local event that Serve facilitates occurs on April 15th – Love Palos, according to Nicole Saint-Victor, is meant to be a connective experience. This event cleans up Trinity’s campus and the greater Palos area, connecting Trinity students with their neighbors. Nicole explained that the Serve team hopes to integrate student engagement “around humanity and belonging… [we are] constantly asking, ‘who is our neighbor?”

The Serve team provides opportunities for students to help their neighbors, whether right outside their dorm room or many states away. This team works hard towards this goal. Bethany explained that they “want the Serve Team to be similar to STAC where it has the same level of organization, representation, focus, and power…We need more support so we can do more…Join the team if you like to be challenged, learn patience, learn about yourself, learn how to network.”

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