Transformational Initiatives at Trinity

Trinity is thrilled to announce the launch of the Tuition Transparency and Access Initiative. This transformational approach to college tuition and financial aid is designed to clarify and simplify the complex world of college pricing while also setting a price at a point that is accessible to anyone who wishes to pursue a private, Christian, higher education experience.

Beginning in fall 2023, Trinity’s tuition will be set at $19,800 for incoming students, a 40% decrease from the current $33,800 tuition. Trinity was already among the most competitively priced private institutions in the region, but we wanted to go further. We have seen the way that the current college tuition model with high prices and complex financial aid and loan processes are hard to navigate and especially disadvantages families who do not have long histories with the systems of higher education.


Trinity’s $19,800 tuition opens the door of access to any who wishes for the personalized benefits of Christian higher education. This price point is within reach of families who are eligible for Pell (federal) and MAP (Illinois state) aid and realistic for families who otherwise are not eligible for need-based income. Trinity is committed to providing wide access to its educational and formational opportunities. When this is paired with other initiatives at Trinity – such as paid internships made possible by our four-day class schedule – students have more access than ever to a low- or no-debt tuition.


The list price for tuition at private institutions has skyrocketed over the past two decades. In the face of the assumption that prices should always go up, Trinity is committed to a price that reflects a realistic actual cost of educating a college student. $19,800 reflects the cost of education in a manner that moves away from a high sticker price that is not easily connected to the real cost of education.


The Tuition Transparency and Access Initiative is designed to be the most transparent process for college pricing in our region. For many years, the assumed model in higher education has been to price high and give high discounts. We think there is a better way. What most matters to students is their bottom-line expense and a clear sense for what they will pay and why they will pay it. Trinity is committed to a focus on the bottom line. We want to make the often confusing and intimidating college decision-making process into an experience that is clear and welcoming.

The Tuition Transparency and Access Initiative sits alongside two other transformational initiatives Trinity launched this fall for current students: the Wellbeing Wednesdays Initiative and the Earn, Network, and Learn Initiative. With an innovative weekly calendar, Trinity has moved to a four-day academic schedule that opens Wednesdays for student well-being, field learning, and vocational engagement. This fall, Trinity also launched a pilot program of our Earn, Network, and Learn Initiative—an emerging network of paid internship and co-op opportunities that allow students to earn academic credit, build professional networks, receive early career preparation, and earn tuition grants to reduce the cost of their education. With these three initiatives, Trinity is working hard to enact its Christian commitment to the good of all people in a way that is uniquely connected to the rich gifts of our location here in Greater Chicago.

We are proud to make these transformational changes, and the ways we are working to solve stubborn problems in higher education, to extend the Christian educational experience at Trinity to all people.

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