Trinity Announces New Spanish for the Professions Major

Apr 30, 2018

An increasingly global world needs bi-lingual professionals, and Trinity has introduced a new Spanish for the Professions major, starting in Fall 2018.

“This degree is designed as a second major for students whose first major is in a professional field that serves Spanish-speaking populations,” said Dr. Yeon Lee, Ph.D., chair of Trinity’s World Languages Department. “By double majoring in Spanish for the Professions, students will be equipped with bilingual proficiency and cultural competency in their careers, including nursing, social services, professional counseling, health services, ministry, and other professions.

This program provides students with a practical foundation for professional use of the Spanish language, including formal presentation techniques, technical translation skills, and advanced cultural competency. In addition to general classes in language and culture, students take two semesters of “Spanish for the Professions,” a sequence of courses that teach industry-specific terminology and basic translation methods.

The Spanish for the Professions degree joins the previously announced five-year Bachelor plus Master of Divinity degree program being introduced this fall.