Trinity Announces Partnership with Hope Chicago

Hope Chicago, the new two-generation economic mobility program offering debt-free college and workforce opportunities to 4,000 Chicago Public School graduates and their parents, announced the expansion of its college and university partner network today, with the addition of six institutions, including Trinity Christian College.

Hope Scholars can attend partner institutions debt-free, and through these partnerships, students receive access to non-financial supports that are key in helping students succeed. The collaboration between Hope Chicago and its postsecondary partners expands higher education access for residents in some of Chicago’s most systemically disinvested neighborhoods. As a partner institution, Trinity will provide dedicated staff members on-campus to support attending Hope Scholars—helping them navigate the collegiate environment, encouraging placement in campus programs, and connecting them to academic, financial, and career advising.

“Access to quality postsecondary education is not just a privilege; it’s a fundamental right that can transform the trajectory of low-income families and disadvantaged communities in Illinois. For South and West Side Chicago Public School Students, pursuing higher education isn’t merely about acquiring a degree; it’s about unlocking doors to opportunity and offering them a stake in a more prosperous and equitable future of our city and state,” said Dr. Janice Jackson, Hope Chicago CEO.

“We’re proud to be expanding our network of high-quality offerings to Hope Scholars here in Illinois—empowering them to find their best postsecondary fit. We are thankful to our new partners for joining us in this pursuit of a more prosperous future for Chicago and Illinois—fueled by postsecondary transformation,” she added.

With this expansion, Hope Chicago is now supported by a network of 29 Illinois-based higher education institutions offering a wealth of postsecondary and workforce options for Hope Scholars.

About Hope Chicago

Hope Chicago’s mission is to create pathways to success for multiple generations of Chicagoans through equitable access to debt-free higher education and the support to complete postsecondary journeys. In February of 2022, Hope Chicago promised every enrolled student and one parent/guardian of each student the opportunity to pursue a debt-free postsecondary education at five Chicago community high schools across the city’s South, Southwest, and West Sides – accounting for 4,000 families. Hope Chicago’s goal is to provide debt-free higher education to 30,000 CPS students and their parents over the next decade.