Trinity Christian College Featured on Viewpoint

Trinity Christian College was recently featured on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid, which aired on PBS stations nationwide. The episode promoted awareness about how Trinity is providing pathways to debt-free education through its new, transformative economic model. In the interview with Viewpoint, President Aaron Kuecker shared the ways in which the College is pushing the boundaries of higher education by offering a well-rounded approach and emphasizing overall wellness for the whole person.

Kuecker stated, “Trinity’s mission is to provide a biblically informed liberal arts education in the Reformed tradition. We want to educate students in every single discipline to be ready to participate in the life-bringing work God is doing in our neighborhoods, in our cities, in our homes, congregations, and businesses.”

He shared how the College has focused on transformation through its latest initiatives, Tuition Transparency and Access, Wellbeing Wednesday, and the Earn, Network, and Learn program. He concluded, “At every turn, we are educating our students by giving them the skills and knowledge that they need to live in this world in a way that makes a significant difference.”

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