Trinity Christian College Shares Statement of Solidarity and Support

Jun 01, 2020

Building upon the personal reflection that President Dykstra offered to the Trinity community this past weekend, Trinity Christian College shares the following statement in solidarity with and in support of the entire Trinity community. 

Over the last weeks, we have all seen with our own eyes, yet again, the ugly evil of racial injustice.  We know that the actions that caused the death of George Floyd, while horrific and graphic, are only the latest in a long line of injustice inflicted upon African American citizens, including Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Laquan McDonald, and so many others.  While these acts of violence grieve us all, they hit close to home for many of us, particularly for the African American and other racial minority members of the Trinity family.

As Christians, and especially for us as a part of the distinctly Christian community here at Trinity, we affirm that the reconciling love of God – demonstrated most vividly though the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus – ultimately is our rock and our fortress, our shield and our salvation.  We pray for the day when the words from Revelation 21 – “Behold, I am making all things new” – are fully recognized on this earth and in our land.

The Christian community is broad and diverse, spanning thousands of years and across nations and peoples.  We who claim the Christian faith condemn, abhor, and work to eliminate violence and oppression, and particularly the violence and oppression that our black and brown brothers and sisters face in disproportionate ways.

Though this community physically is apart, today Trinity gathered together virtually in multiple ways and at various times to share scripture, prayers, lament, anger, encouragement, and hope.  One day does not heal the wounds or assuage the pain – but it was another visible sign of our commitment, one to another, that we desire to live more fully into the life that God desires for all of his children, free from injustice and discrimination.  We reaffirm our commitments to campus unity and diversity, particularly our “commitment to work toward greater diversity not only in regard to our racial, ethnic, and cultural demographic but also in regard to acceptance, appreciation, honor, and equality within our campus climate.”  This is not a new commitment, but it must be a fresh one for this community and for this institution.

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday, the day where God poured out the Holy Spirit upon the church.  During these troubled times, may we echo the words of the old hymn, “Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us” – on this campus, in our community, throughout our nation, and around the world.