Trinity Community Continues to Take the Next Step

Mar 26, 2020

At the fourth annual Next Step Workshop last month, the Trinity community spent the day  exploring ways to break cycles and discussing race, diversity and inclusion.

“It was great to see the workshop come together,” said Erica Thomas ’21, a member of Trinity’s Multicultural Leadership Team and one of the workshop’s organizers. “Next Step helps to ensure we’re not stuck and stagnant in our own ways. It’s a great way to shine a light and see what our part is and who we can help.”

During the Next Step workshop on Feb. 1, about 80 students, faculty, and staff engaged in conversations and exercises that explored privilege and other areas.

Student organizers worked with Director of Multicultural Engagement Nicole St. Victor and professors in several departments, including the Social Work Department, to plan Next Step 2020. Thomas said that planning began during the fall. “We spent a lot of time in November and December visualizing what the event should look like. After Christmas break, we began focusing on making our vision a reality.”