Update from Vice President of Admissions, Communication and Strategic Initiatives, Paul Boice, March 13, 2020

Dear colleagues,

With the ongoing news that many of our local school systems are cancelling classes and the likelihood that the list of those schools will increase, we want to talk through the ways in which this will affect members of the Trinity faculty and staff. It is critical that our team be able to care for our families. In some cases, that may mean that faculty and staff need to work from home. If you are in that situation and need to care for children at home, please let Mallory Boyce in the Provost Office/or your staff supervisor know as soon as you can do so. Communicating clearly with the Provost Office/supervisor is critical to ensure that you are able to take care of your family and also continue to support Trinity and your work responsibilities.

As our nation and community’s responses to the Covid-19 situation continue to evolve, there is also a possibility that all staff could be asked to work from home in the future.

To prepare for all of these situations, here are some suggestions that we would urge you to consider:

  1. If you have a Trinity supplied laptop, we would suggest you take it home with you each night.
  2. If you do not have a Trinity laptop but have a computer or tablet at home, here are some links to have handy, which will help you connect to Trinity data/information if you are required to work from home

You can expect an email from the IT Department in the near future with additional information and resources to support working remotely.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Trinity students, faculty and staff. Thank you for your patience as we all live into this evolving situation.

Paul Boice

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