Kyra Khan

Admissions Representative


B.A. in Psychology, minor in Communication Arts

South and Southwest Chicago Suburbs

Why do you love Trinity?
Trinity was one of the many places that unlocked my God-given potential as not only a student but has shaped the holistic being of who I am, today. Being surrounded by faculty, staff and students who are faith-filled, exude love, and offers support is nothing short of amazing! These are just a few reasons why I love Trinity!

What does life outside of Trinity look like for you?
Outside of Trinity, I love spending time with friends and family. I love a good action movie! I also serve at my church as a Minister, and I am a part of the worship and arts department.

What is your favorite part of Chicago?
Besides the amazing food Chicago has to offer, my favorite part is Navy Pier. Ever since I was child our family tradition (especially around Christmas) would be visiting the Navy Pier and riding the monumental Ferris wheel. Those are some of the best memories!