Bianca Sotelo '25

Communication Arts

Bianca Sotelo is pursuing a degree in Communication Arts and Spanish in which she is expecting to Graduate in 2025.

Bianca Sotelo grew up in Chicago which she attended Josephinum Academy.

Bianca was using a website that matched the colleges that had the best fit for her major and Trinity popped up. She went to tour the campus and loved it. She chose Trinity because of how she could tell being a Christian wasn’t a title, they slapped on they incorporate it in everything. She could tell the teachers really care for the students and she really wanted that close connection.

She would have to say Intermediate Spanish 2 with Professor Lee is favorite class. Being able to start her morning with Professor Lee is amazing and fantastic as she is so supportive. She loves having Lee as a teacher and as an adviser.

Being here at Trinity has allowed Bianca to have time to herself to read her Bible due to the Wednesdays off. Having a lot of opportunities and chapel has really allowed Bianca to continue her faith in hard times.

“Being a part of the theater program has been amazing”. During the Fall semester of 2022 Bianca got to be in the One Act called “Trysting Place”. It was very fun for her, and the cast was amazing to work with. She loved that experience, and she can’t wait to be a part of more plays.