Special Collections


In addition to the many materials available in the library, several special collections are available and unique to Trinity. The Ed Vander Weele Curriculum Center & Alexander DeJong Center for Special Education supports the Education Department, the Dutch Heritage Center preserves the history of the Dutch in the Chicago area, the DeKruyter collection displays founder Arthur DeKruyter’s pastoral library, and the College Archives house documentary records related to the history of Trinity.

The mission of the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) & Center for Special Education (CSPED) is to support the Education Department and Adult Studies Education programs by providing educational materials for the use of our teachers in training. The CMC is located on the second floor of the library. The CMC’s holdings can be found by searching the library catalog.


  • K-12 textbooks
  • Books for professional educators about Common Core, classroom activities, etc.
  • Professional journals
  • A selection of children’s and young adult titles
  • Math manipulatives
  • Adaptive technology
  • Ellison Roll Model Machine, including capital letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and assorted

Arrange and adjust flexible furniture.
Furnishings in the room can be moved to accommodate multiple groups or a large group of up to 20 people.  Double-sided whiteboards can be spread out for interactive collaboration or latched together to function as a room divider to minimize distractions.

Collection materials and resources are to be accessible at all times.
In a spirit of collegiality, all who enter are encouraged to be flexible.  Whether a class in is session or a group is holding a meeting, all are welcome to come into the space to access available resources.  If someone is sitting in front of a resource you need, discreetly ask them to move.

The Dutch Heritage Center is located on the upper level of the library on the campus of Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois.

The Center is open by appointment to any interested party, whether they be scholars, students or the public. No fees are charged for research use of the collection. For further information, or to set up an appointment, contact the Library Director by calling 708.239.4797.

What Type of Material Does the Center Contain?

The bulk of materials held in the Center cover the years 1925 to 1955:


What is the purpose of the Dutch Heritage Center?

  • To provide a place for the preservation of materials of historical value related to the culture, customs and institutions of Dutch heritage in the greater Chicago area.
  • To develop a research base for the serious scholar interested in the history of the Dutch people in Chicago.
  • To promote a better understanding of all phases of Chicago Dutch relationships–past, present and future.

The DeKruyter Collection houses books donated from the collection of Reverend Arthur DeKruyter. Part of the collection resides on the second floor of the library as part of the Dutch Heritage Center; remaining titles are integrated within the general collection.

Rev. DeKruyter was a chairman of the committee that led to the founding of the Trinity Christian College Association, then served as president of Trinity’s Board of Trustees from 1956 to 1961. He was also the founding pastor at Christ Church of Oak Brook.

The DeKruyter Collection is open to the public and may be accessed anytime the library is open.

The College Archives house documentary records related to the history of Trinity Christian College and are located on the second floor of the library adjacent to the Van Namen Dutch Heritage Center.

The archives are closed to the public, but materials from the archives may be obtained by contacting the reference desk via phone or scheduling an appointment:

Schedule an Appointment with the Reference Librarian