Trinity Hosts Middle School Diversity Conference

Trinity recently welcomed about 150 middle school students from Calvin Christian, Chicago West Side Christian, Deer Creek Christian, and Timothy Christian schools who took part in the Middle School Diversity Conference.

Activities during the day ranged from a praise time at the beginning of the day, activities and games that addressed diversity issues and helped the students both frame those issues and discuss how they could be leaders for change, and activities that were just fun and brought different students from different Christian schools together.

The day was organized by a team of students from each of the participating schools and led by Jeralyn Harris of Chicago West Side Christian. Students from Trinity’s Education 335 class, “Teaching in the Middle Grades,” also assisted throughout the event.

“I was deeply impressed with the depth of the middle school students’ commitment to diversity leadership and it was an amazing experience for my students, most of whom hope to teach middle school in another year or two, to interact with the middle school kids and get a sense of what they are capable of,” said Dr. Bill Boerman-Cornell, professor of education.  “It was a great day.”