Make an impact


Growing understanding in order to make change

The sociology minor at Trinity explores the nature of humans, relationships, and institutions. Using a Christian perspective, students develop a critical awareness of diverse relations, patterns, and social structures—and the proper response to social issues. Students graduate on fire to make a difference in the world.

In this program, you’ll learn about social problems, change, human rights, criminology, social justice, politics, and more. Understanding these concepts is crucial for working in today’s increasingly diverse world.

Our extensive course structure prepares you for jobs across a wide variety of fields. A sociology degree from Trinity Christian College can land you a rewarding career in social and community services, business, health or government services, public relations, law, or teaching, among other professions. And our campus is located near Chicago, which provides students access to the city’s numerous social and cultural opportunities.

If you’re ready to explore the field of sociology at Trinity Christian College, reach out to us today to schedule a college visit.


Department Chair

Dr. Lenore Knight Johnson

Professor of Sociology and Honors Program Director
Phone: 708.239.4849    Email:

Dr. Lenore Knight Johnson decided to pursue sociology academically and professionally after several valuable cross-cultural experiences. “Studying abroad as an undergraduate student opened my eyes to a much broader outlook on the world, a perspective that expanded significantly through my post-college work in refugee resettlement and immigrant advocacy.”