Employee Travel Policies

Regarding Official College Travel

To all employees:

We continue to suspend College-sponsored domestic and international air travel.  Anyone seeking exceptions to this policy must submit them, in writing, to the President’s Office (president@trnty.edu).  Waivers will be rare at best, and granted only for especially compelling circumstances. College-sponsored travel by other means (e.g., passenger vehicle, bus, train) also remains limited and must be approved in advance by the departmental vice president.

In regards to conference attendance:

All faculty and staff attendance of conferences is suspended for the remainder of 2020. This includes both in-state and out-of-state conferences.  Exceptions to the restriction on conference attendance may be approved on a limited basis for local, small scale conferences (fewer than 50 participants) in which social distancing and other active precautions may be observed. Requests for participation in such activities on behalf of the college should be made in advance utilizing ordinary departmental travel approval processes.

In regards to recruiting and advancement responsibilities: 

For Trinity employees responsible for recruiting or advancement, non-air travel for recruiting purposes is permitted with prior approval by the immediate supervisor.  For approved recruiting travel (internal or external to Illinois), employees are expected to adhere to the guidelines stipulated in the current phase of the state’s Restore Illinois plan and adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines in the state in which the employee is traveling/working.  For this group, air travel for recruiting or advancement can occur with approval of the departmental vice president.