FAQ: Trinity's Covid Care Process Archives

This section contains operations information about the pandemic care process during the Spring 2021 semester.


  • Please download #CampusClear and honestly self-screen every day.
  • If you get a GREEN screen, you are free to come to campus.
  • If you get a RED screen, the following steps are necessary:
    • Do not leave your residence hall room or come to campus if you get a red screen.
    • If you do see a red screen, push hard on the “Red Screen Form” words on the Red Screen and fill out the linked form.
    • Wait COVID Care’s email response within the calendar day to provide you with next steps.

#CampusClear just updated the app in such a way that you can’t change your self-screen results on the same day.

  • if you mess up on a particular day, hit the wrong buttons and ACCIDENTALLY get a red screen, you can’t log out and back in until the next day.
  • if you develop symptoms and need to red screen later in the day, you can’t go back and change your green screen to red until the next day.

Here’s what you do if you mess up and accidentally get a red screen:
Email COVIDCare@trnty.edu and they’ll send a green screen email. If you need to access a facility or practice or game that requires a screen, you’ll have to let the screener know what happened and show them the email. Since the email is manual and not automatic, there may be some lag time and you may have to explain the situation to the person screening you until that green screen email comes your way. They may ask to take your temperature or screen you there, depending on the situation*

Here’s what you do if you develop symptoms over the day and need to go from green to red: just stay home/in your room and red screen the next morning. Residential students will be getting a special resource list this week re: how to access meals, etc.

The #CampusClear instructions spell it all out in picture form.

The basic summary is still the same: be honest in your self-screening and stay home if you have exposure or symptoms.


Trinity follows IDPH and CDC guidelines regarding individual contact with someone who tests positive. Students who come into close contact (as defined by the CDC) with an individual who is COVID positive will be required to quarantine. Students are encouraged to leave campus to quarantine at home, if possible. Students who are unable to do so may be asked to move to an empty quarantine room on campus. For Spring 2021, we have arranged quarantine and isolation with a local hotel, and in certain cases students may be asked to move to a quarantine hotel, if we are exceeding our quarantine space on campus. Students in quarantine will access their courses remotely.

If a residential student tests positive, they will be instructed to isolate until they are cleared by the Campus Health Coordinator. Students who are able to return home for their period of isolation will be asked to do so, and students will be able to shift to remote learning during this period of time. Students who need to isolate on campus will be able to do so in designated rooms; in certain cases, students may need to isolate at a local hotel if campus quarantine space is at capacity.

If a commuter student tests positive (including traditional, adult and graduate program students), they will be instructed to isolate in their own residence off campus until they are cleared by the Campus Health Coordinator. Students who are in person will be able to shift to remote learning during this period of time.

Trinity will follow CDC guidelines regarding contact with someone who tests positive. Students who come into close contact (as defined by the CDC) with a student who tests positive will be required to quarantine.

Faculty and staff with a need to know are informed of COVID+ student cases. This can include staff in the various student life and athletics offices and COVID Care Team, as well as the faculty members teaching or supervisors of student employee COVID+ students. Every attempt is made to protect the privacy of students throughout the COVID Care Process. These notifications are made in the interest of the student and the College’s duty to care. Trinity is a uniquely caring community and COVID-19 presents us with another opportunity to demonstrate this care.

Every day, every student, faculty, and staff member self-screens using #CampusClear. In many ways, this is our strongest defense against a COVID outbreak on campus: honest and self-aware self-screening. If you get a red screen, stay home or in your room and complete your red form, which enters you into the COVID Care process. With more students on campus in Spring 2021, we are anticipating many more red screens and we are hiring more staff in this area for Spring 2021. Our goal is to meet the needs that emerge in the COVID Care Process.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people with the following conditions are considered high-risk for serious infection should they contract the virus. Please review the list at the CDC link and consult with your health care provider to determine whether or not you should come to campus during COVID-19.

We strongly advise that you consider not returning to campus, but instead to continue learning remotely if you fall into one of the high-risk categories.

Students will be required to submit proof of a negative test upon arrival. We are working on plans for on campus surveillance testing as rapid testing becomes available in early 2021 to institutions of higher education. Students should expect to submit to rapid testing throughout the semester even if they do not have COVID symptoms. We still expect that students who are symptomatic or exposed will need to submit to further testing at a local health care provider. Students will be instructed throughout the COVID Care Process.

If you have had COVID-19, please be sure that you’ve tested negative and have an all-clear from a medical professional before coming to campus. In addition, we ask that you include this information in your “Special Assistance and Medical Information” section in your student portal. This is one of the forms available to you as you return to campus. This will help us to assist you. This information is kept confidential in Student Life/COVID Care. The COVID Care Team looks at prior COVID+ when a student is in the COVID Care Process, but students should know that we are currently not granting immunity across the board to individuals who have had COVID in the past. Of course, we will re-evaluate our practices as the vaccine becomes available.

Trinity’s campus is located within very close distance to multiple medical providers . We also have hired Campus Health Coordinators to support the overall COVID-19 symptom monitoring and response process. The coordinators will be able to assist students in accessing medical resources should symptoms arise, and provide coordination of quarantine and isolation timelines.

We are blessed to be located in an area with a wide range of local hospitals, including access to some of the best hospitals in the country in the Chicago area. We strongly urge students to be sure that your health insurance is fully up to date and can be utilized in the Chicago area, within the state of Illinois. Also plan to bring your insurance card with you.