Professor Sundeep Vira Featured in Morgan Stanley Annual Global Impact Funding Trust Report

Assistant Professor of Business, Sundeep Vira, was recently featured in the Morgan Stanley GIFT 2021 Impact Report, where he has served on their board since 2018. GIFT or Global Impact Funding Trust strives to support and encourage impactful philanthropy through their donors, whose financial commitment supports communities both near and far.

Featured in the title section “If Not Now, When?” which highlights a campaign focused on minority business communities, Professor Vira speaks about his life and business experiences. He chronicles his time coming to the U.S. at the age of 21, joining Morgan Stanley Smith Barney as an investment analyst, and after 20 years in the investment management industry, beginning the shift to philanthropic activities.  This change in paradigm took him to Singapore, where he spent 7 years on charitable work in various areas, across countries in rural Asia including Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India.

He describes moving back to Chicago and teaching social entrepreneurship, strategy, and consulting while launching the data analytics program at Trinity Christian College.

Through this endeavor with Morgan Stanley GIFT, Vira had the opportunity to bring a focus to the Trinity community, which is where the Community Alliance Fund was born. Vira said, “My role on the Morgan Stanley GIFT Board in many ways facilitated this work.” The Community Alliance Fund uses donations from Trinity Alumni along with student resources to help minority business owners across Chicago communities with business, marketing, and financial support. “We are interacting with ministries and churches and community leaders along with Chambers of Commerce to find such investment opportunities, find entrepreneurs who are interested in us investing in them.” Professor Vira said.

One key aspect of the Community Alliance Fund is the work done with the students at Trinity. This project has been ongoing for the past two semesters with strong plans for expansion into the future. “Not only would the students work for the business, but there may also be a micro internship opportunity on a Wednesday where they can work for this business, gain experience and income for that work. We are excited to finish and launch the new business model in the fall semester. It’s a win for the business and the student,” said Vira.

Professor Vira is proud of the work done at Morgan Stanley GIFT and is excited for the future impact this work will have globally and within the community at Trinity Christian College.


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