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Speech-Language Pathology

Preparing to serve and offer compassionate care

The speech-language pathology program at Trinity offers programs that position a student for a future in the speech and language pathology field. Taught from a Christian perspective, graduates leave prepared to offer care with compassion, patience, and understanding, whether they begin a job or pursue a master’s degree.

When you earn a degree in speech-language pathology from Trinity Christian College, you will have the foundational knowledge and the valuable skills needed to make a difference in helping children and adults with communication and language disorders. Some speech-language pathology program graduates choose to pursue advanced degrees so they can ultimately work in private practice, schools, hospitals, or clinical settings. Others put their undergraduate degrees to work in specialist or supporting roles.

Trinity Christian College, located near Chicago, is committed to excellence in education. Contact us to schedule a visit to our campus to learn more about our speech-language pathology program, financial aid opportunities for students, and much more. Ready to take the next step? Apply today!


Department Chair

Jennifer Schutt

Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology
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Prof. Jennifer Schutt is an affiliated faculty member in Trinity's Psychology Department and focuses on speech-language pathology.