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Theology and Christian Ministry

Transforming the world through theology and Christian ministry

The Theology and Christian Ministry programs at Trinity focus on understanding God, Christianity, and what it means to be a Christian in today’s world. Students learn, through the study of God and methods of ministry, how they are called to serve using their gifts and vocation. All students engage in field work relevant to their calling and interests.


Biblical Studies Major black and white

Biblical Studies

As a biblical studies major at Trinity, you will have the opportunity to explore the word of God in close detail, with a foundation built on our strong liberal arts tradition and Reformed worldview. In your academic studies, you will focus on specific sections of the Bible, such as the historical books, the prophets, the gospels, and the epistles.

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Christian Ministry

If you are called to minister to others, a B.A. from Trinity will prepare you academically and spiritually.

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Cross Cultural Ministry

In an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, a B.A. in cross cultural ministry from Trinity will prepare you for whatever mission field you choose, wherever you are called to serve.

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Historical & Systematic Theology

Your B.A. in historical and systematic theology will delve into the earliest days of the church and allow you to develop a profound understanding of the Christian faith.

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When you major in theology at Trinity, you will be challenged with fundamental questions about the Bible, God, Christ, salvation, incarnation, and a host of other topics.

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Youth Ministry

If you feel called to help lead young people to Christ, a B.A. in youth ministry from Trinity may be the right program for you.


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Christian Ministry Minor

Your minor within Trinity’s Christian ministry program will provide relationships and resources to help you investigate and begin a life in ministry.

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Theology Minor

When you minor in theology at Trinity, you will be prepared for you for a vocation in churches, non-profit organizations, schools, and mission agencies or to continue your studies in graduate or seminary school.

Department Chair

Dr. Benjamin Ribbens

Professor of Theology; Department Chair of Theology and Christian Ministry
Phone: 708.239.4744    Email: Benjamin.Ribbens@trnty.edu

Dr. Ben Ribbens hopes that students in his theology classes develop a new or renewed passion for reading and investigating the Bible by investigating Scripture together and acquiring skills for reading. “I also hope that through their engagement with Scripture, they have an experience with the Word, i.e., the Son, and that they are transformed more and more into his likeness.”

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