Megan Anderson ‘14

–By Christy Wolff ’10

Megan Anderson’s ‘14 heart for leading others to the Lord developed during high school, when she led a group of her peers in weekly prayer and worship at the public school she attended. Years later, God is still developing her heart through a career that allows her to minister to others – not just in her own community, but around the globe.

Growing up outside of Chicago, Megan was familiar with Trinity, but her desire to attend grew as she felt God’s prompting in her life. “God refined my dream and started putting missions on my heart,” Megan shares. And that’s ultimately what led her to Trinity.

Shortly into her freshman year, Megan declared a double major of church and ministry leadership and theology. Her time at Trinity started forming the vision of what her ministry might look like. Megan credits Dr. Yudha Thianto, Professor of Theology, as an impactful leader during these formative years. “He didn’t just get through the curriculum; he wanted to develop us into mature believers that could articulate our faith in a way that would further the Gospel and impact others – as well as ourselves.”

Challenged through theological discussions as led by numerous professors, Megan loved to debate topics related to the Church and wrestle with big concepts that theologians have been wrestling with for centuries.

Today, she is seeing her foundation being put into practice through her position at Adventures in Missions, a non-denominational, Christian organization in Georgia that exists to mobilize a generation of Christ-followers to spread the Kingdom of God. With a presence in more than 70 countries around the world, Adventures in Missions works with indigenous believers to support them in their ministry work. The organization sends teams of missionaries to these places to partner with existing ministry contacts, all with the hope of spreading the Gospel message.

Megan oversees a gap-year program for 18-20 year olds desiring to go out and tell others about Jesus. Roughly one-third of Megan’s time is spent traveling around the world visiting these young adults as they navigate through a 9-month program. She has been gifted the opportunity to use what she learned at Trinity to share the foundations of Scripture and faith.

“When you graduate from Trinity, you know how to bring Christ into the business realm, how to live within a community of believers, how to invest in others, and how to make worship a regular part of your life,” she says.

Drawing from her involvement in Outcry (Trinity’s weekly praise and worship gathering) and other campus ministries – along with an internship at Willow Creek in South Barrington, Ill., Megan felt the transition from college into the working world was seamless due to the way Trinity prepared her through both experience and knowledge. “I was given an incredible foundation in the word, spiritual disciplines, and vocational ministry – all thanks to Trinity.”