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Kurt Schemper 97

Kurt Schemper ’97

Kurt Schemper ’97, a former Trinity communication arts and theology major, received an Emmy for his work as a producer on Intervention, the A&E Television Network docuseries.

Making a difference

Trinity Trolls do more after graduation than get a job. They build careers, become leaders in their fields, and leave ready to build lives for good, for God, and for the world. Below are just a few stories of the thousands of impressive Trinity graduates who are out there making a difference.

Nate Smith ’16

Nate Smith ’16 is a graduate of the Chicago Police Department Training Academy and is a probationary officer to the 007 District in Chicago.

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Brittany Lee ’10

Brittany Lee ’10 is Trinity's Graduate Studies Program Coordinator and Assistant Coach for the women's soccer team. As a member of the Athletics Department, she leads the Athletic Leadership Program for Students (ALPS) as well as works with teams and coaches in performance counseling. Lee graduated from Trinity in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology … Continue reading "Brittany Lee ’10"

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Danielle Truckenmiller ’14

“When I first started my college career, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do. I knew that I had an artistic eye, but I never took art classes in high school so I never thought I was qualified to make it a career. I thought I’d take the safe route and major in … Continue reading "Danielle Truckenmiller ’14"

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Anna (DeBoer) Vanderwal ’16

Anna (DeBoer) Vanderwal ’16 says her English degree from Trinity helped her prepare for every aspect of her job as a marketing specialist for Van Drunen Farms.

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Kyle Webb ’05

After graduating from Trinity in 2005, Kyle Webb found his calling far from home, in Honduras, at Academia Los Pinares.

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Taylor Bandstra Profile

Taylor Bandstra ’12

In my political science degree I had a range of professors—liberal, conservative—and all were great at doing the same thing: They wanted us to push our limits and understand the other side of an argument at all times.

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Adam Perez 13 profile

Adam Perez ’13

My junior year, the director of the music program gave a copy of Liturgy and Music. In off hours I read this collection of essays, cover to cover, and I got to the end and gave it back and said, “Oh my goodness.

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Cassandra Boyd 17 profile

Cassandra Boyd ’17

I spent my first two years of undergraduate at another bigger school pursuing a nursing degree. But something about that school didn’t feel right. Not only did the degree I was pursuing feel off, but I felt like a number, like professors didn’t seem to care if I made it through.

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