Stephanie Reichert '14

Audit Senior at Deloitte

The number one thing I learned at Trinity is that, if you work hard and do your best, there are results. That may not be right away, but people will notice. One thing I struggled with in college was test anxiety. In almost every class every semester I would fail one test, but after, I could sit with professors and tell them all the answers. It was clear to the professors that I knew what I was doing. They noticed the hard work I was putting in day-to-day. That helped energize me and teach me that even if there were small failures that seemed really big, I could do it. Because the professors were patient with me and worked with me, I was able to gain the confidence to graduate with high honors and pass my CPA—things that at one point I thought were unattainable.

The people are the best thing about Trinity. Especially the professors and all the different staff on campus. They have students rotating through every 3-4 years and could choose not to invest, but they definitely do.

While I was a student I worked in the bookstore. Those people became my second moms. They would get to know us, check in with how things were going. Even people in the business office spent time getting to know every student.

I am currently using this lesson, and it’s helping me advance my career. As much as my job is technical and about numbers, I have the opportunity to teach people and invest in them. I can take the time to ask my staff, “Is this how you learn best? If not, let’s find a different way.” The lesson helped me understand that giving time to people matters. The product I give to my managers is only as good as the people under me. If I don’t work to get to know them, there won’t be the results and progress we are looking for. Because of these understandings I learned at Trinity, I have been given a lot of responsibility early in my career. People have trusted me faster and given me more opportunities.

I double majored in accounting and music, and I’m currently putting both sides to work. While at Trinity, the professors found me an internship at insurance brokerage firm. A senior-level staff member had connections to Trinity, and I was able to use this network to find a job at Deloitte after graduation. I moved to the city, where I’ve been for the past few years. I took and passed the CPA test in 2015, and my license was official one year ago. I was recently promoted to the senior level at Deloitte. I am also using my music degree through my involvement at Park Community Church in the city. I volunteer during worship there, playing piano and singing during services.

I am currently very passionate about learning how the Lord wants to use me in Chicago. I feel called to serve here. I’ve been praying for how I can live out my faith here. I am intentional about staying here and being present as I spend my time experiencing and living in this city. Eventually I may move into an underserved community and get to know my neighbors and see where conversations lead.